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  • Tom WalterMay 23, 2018
    I\'ll make it short. Enjoy your work and glad to see some one carry on the process.

  • Tom WalterMay 23, 2018
    Made my first gum bichromate prints in 1973 while a student of photography at Sam Houston State University....(140 characters, really?).

  • jamesoliveFebruary 15, 2018
    The information on this site is incredible and so helpful to anyone. just have a look at :-goo.gl/AqD5iT

  • ced muscatJanuary 26, 2018
    Hello Billy! Enjoyed the info regards the curve & what it entailed. Now \'18 and wonder about the intended book. cedmus@gmail.com

  • Alex MuhamJuly 17, 2016

  • Lippanon (From Thai)October 31, 2014
    ขอบคุณมากๆครับ สำหรับความรู้ดีๆ (Thanks for the knowledge and tutorials. ^^ )

  • lorietaMay 18, 2014

  • Prof. Nsir MalikMarch 24, 2014
    Greatest tutorials ever. Well done! Would love to have your book please. Prof. Nsir Malik. Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Primo de la CruzNovember 12, 2013
    just hello, Billy....your works inspire me...keep it all p...

  • Stephen RydeAugust 10, 2013
    Love the tutorials and the prints. I have been inspired to make my own gum prints. Looking forward to the book Thanks Stephen

  • Ania TomczakMarch 26, 2013
    Thank you for all this info, great website!

  • Johnny CraigJanuary 26, 2013
    Great site. Im about to try my first prints, thanks to your tutorial.

  • Kevin WrightJanuary 07, 2013
    New site looks great!

  • George OutsiderDecember 17, 2012
    can\'t wait for the book! thanks for the beautiful web site too. @GeorgeOutsider #GOG

  • LauMNovember 07, 2012
    Wonderful artistic and informative web site, looking forward to your book.

  • GatorfilmAugust 17, 2012
    Site/info is excellent! I\'ll print at home w/o dedicated darkroom, w/ artistic presence-excited to get to work. Will buy copy of book.

  • rodolfoJune 02, 2012
    you\'re to be congratulated for new look for the content of the Site and improved! continues altruistic! I wish much success!

  • MenelomMay 23, 2012
    Yes ... the design is clearly needed to be changed :) What would be brighter , nebudu (

  • Ronn AldamanApril 07, 2012
    Hello, and thanks for some interesting ideas and work on your web site. I want to say your first-ever gum print looks just like my first one! cool

  • GlennApril 07, 2012
    Hi, I've been in a Alternative Process class learning cyanotypes, Van Dyke Brown, and Salted Paper prints. I just started this process for my final and you've been a great supplement to the textbook we've been using. Definitely much clearer in explaining the intricacies of duo toning and so on. Thanks again!

  • Billy MabreyFebruary 01, 2012
    haha Ben I am perfectly aware of the bad web design! I made it in 2006 without knowing what I was doing really. Little did i know at the time people would use my site :) there is a new one in the works written in php and CSS (now that i know better) that looks great to be up soon!

  • BenFebruary 01, 2012
    You may know a lot about how to make a negative but[ from Graphic Design you have not the faintest idea. All web pages are horrible and unreadable. Cheap and dirty.

  • rodolfoSeptember 05, 2011
    forgotten in the previous post ... Rodolfo - Sao Paulo - S�o Paulo - Brazil rodolfopapp@gmail.com forgotten in the previous post ... congratulations on your work, very precise hug rodolfo

  • rodolfoSeptember 05, 2011
    I am a big fan of his work, its site and its guidelines ... I'm thinking of doing work with the technique of Goma Dichromate ... Please! I could not understand the part: http://www.billymabrey.com/How_to/Advanc ed_Negative.htm it is: To combat this problem we COMPRESS That digital image scale of 0% to 100% into the range That will keep most of our image from washing off into the sink. This is a preview of what we will be doing to the digital image's Scale: the possibility exists that you give details such as: which software to use? how to do step by step? I'm sorry I do not speak English, severe shortage ... use the Goolge translation ... kkk My email: rodolfopapp@gmail.com so has my work, I will communicate it ... grateful rodolfo

  • DonApril 28, 2011
    Hi Billy, your work is great and the tutorials are excellent. I would like permission to reference your site on the Latow Photographer's Guild site (www.latow.com). Please contact me. nixuser23@hotmail.com. Thanks, Don

  • PaulFebruary 12, 2011
    Great tutorials you made about the gum printing. You made me very enthousiast. Thanks a lot!! I'm definitely going to try it.

  • Gary RossiterSeptember 20, 2010
    Hi Bill, I have a question regarding the safe disposal of Dichromate, its not the best stuff for the enviorment. I had read someware that Baking Soda will neturlize the Dichromate. How do you deal with the disposal of Dichromate. Gary

  • Jeannette PalsaMarch 11, 2010
    Mr. Mabrey, First let me say I think you work is amazing! My name is Jeannette Palsa and I work in the alternative arts with wet-plate collodion. A colleague and I are putting together an alternative photography exhibition and would like to discuss with you the possibility of your exhibiting a few pieces. If interested please e-mail me at vjpalsa@yahoo.com and I will send you more information. Thank you.

  • JanDecember 03, 2009
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. for the wonderful information on gum prints and the tip about gesso sizing!!! Best tip I have had all year.

  • Brian RomineSeptember 01, 2009
    Hi from northern BC, Canada: I was looking for a gum process (albumin-sodium disulphate, is a process I have known about for nearly 50 yrs) for making printed circuit boards (at home) and have stumbled, literally, on a whole new art process.... which I intend to play with! I may even produce some pc boards, with the process. I am also looking into using turmeric, which is used in pc board photosensityzing, commercially. If that produces a home - art process, I will pass it on. bkromine@xplornet.com

  • Karen RufferAugust 22, 2009
    Great work, very creative and beautiful, I especially love the "Empire and Buildings" shot. How did you create it, the colors are superb. I'd very much apprecite any kinda response, you can reach me at karenruffer@yahoo.com Thank you!

  • dianne yoggerstAugust 03, 2009
    this piece is amazing the moon one beautiful work . you are amazing .

  • Karen FreundAugust 02, 2009
    Great job and beautiful work. I'm very proud of my godson.

  • k.bittencourtMay 04, 2009
    the best gum bichromate website, congratulations. are you planning to finish it by soon (Full Collor Print) or will you pub. a book? if so I would like to buy it, please confirm to: mitsumata@hotmail.com. thank you for sharing such precious information.

  • courage mabreyApril 18, 2009
    hi billy,great website yo have here. i am surprised we share the same last name. i thought it was a Ghanaian name until i saw your website. you can get in touch with me on crg.mabrey@gmail.com.

  • Chris CalohanApril 12, 2009
    calohcl@bay.k12.fl.us I have a number of students working in alternative processes: cyanotype, kallitype, van Dyke, pinhole, lith, and infrared. Several have wanted to do Gum Bichromate but thought learning the photoshop tools too difficult. Your site is wonderfully helpful, but dies at the end where they needed it the most - multi-layer printing...my comment was TS, figure it out for yourself..but hey, they are high school students, so what can you do. I plan on working on this process through the summer...would love to spend a week somewhere learning this.

  • Chris CalohanApril 12, 2009
    What is the distance from your UV imager to the negative? Also, prior to having photoshop, how did you determine your 0 points and ideal curves? Lastly, do you do workshops?

  • CameronJanuary 26, 2009
    Billy, what a great collection!

  • Charles HeckelJanuary 10, 2009
    I'm looking for a way to transfer photographic images to metal in enamel. Is it possible to use the gum bichromate process with enamels? Will the gum arabic stick to metal? A variety of agents, including oil paints, are used to bind enamels to metal--one burns them off at relatively low temperatures, then fuses the glass powder to the metal at high temperatures. Any thoughts on this? charlesheckel@sbcglobal.net

  • Nsir Malik PakistanDecember 07, 2008
    (P.S. I could not locate your email link so am leaving a message for you. You may remove it after reading): I wish to ask you if you could do a one week workshop at my campus; National College of Arts, Rawalpini Campus? If you agree shall start locating funding for it. Tentative time can be around May 2009 if all goes well. It would be real delight having you on campus. Regards. NM

  • Nsir Malik PakistanDecember 07, 2008
    Dear Sir, (As seeing your work I can never say hey Billy), My God what a web site! A master piece in itself indeed! What a mine of knowledge and expertse. Very well done! I have yet to see a site so well done and still so full of knowledge and it pleases eyes as well as mind as you surf though. I have been a teacher all my life but no comparison. Thank you and keep it up............ nsir malik Pakistan

  • MonikaNovember 12, 2008
    Hello, this was a great plesure, I mean carefull inspecting your gums. I start it wright now - and alredy had similar effect as your first print...

  • Jake PottsOctober 31, 2008
    Hey Billy, as everyone else has said, thanks a lot for sharing your methods in the exciting world of gum printing. Your methods for custom negative creation worked like a charm for me. I have my curve ready to go for my first attempts at a true full color gum. Keep it up.

  • AndrewOctober 28, 2008
    Sorry, my contact info is Email- awebbincalgarycanada@hotmail.com 3184528@aib.ac.uk Thanks for the help Andrew

  • AndrewOctober 28, 2008
    Hey Billy Thanks for the amazing site into the wonderful world of gum printing. I am a student at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth and currently studying "primitive photography." I am having trouble to get anything to stay on my paper after exposure even with long exposure times and a UV light box. I am currently trying to expose some 5x4 negatives. Can you offer any advice?? Would love to hear any help/advice? Thanks Andrew

  • Julien AchardOctober 28, 2008
    Hello Billy, I'm a student in sonic art and I'm very interested in what you call your strange project. I'm actually doing some research on links between photography and sounds. If you could give me more details on how you did it. Here is my email address : ju.achard@free.fr Thank you.

  • Kim GerraOctober 03, 2008
    Hi Billy, trying to find an email address for you. Can you contact me at kim@art251.com? Thanks! Great site by the way!

  • James R HicksAugust 21, 2008
    I enjoyed your work, GR8 style & subjects. Sharp quality! Check me out at www.hickspics.net Thanx, enjoyed your page!

  • Chris CalohanJune 23, 2008
    Velly interesting...had two of my students try your methodolgy this past year, and the results were quite stunning. When they come back from being scored in Cambridge, I will send you some scans of their work.

  • Lenna Winther-SaxeApril 21, 2008
    Dear Sir, Thank you for the wonderful tutorial, but I have a question about why you size first then shrink the paper. Would it not be best to shrink the paper first and then size with gesso? Using gesso is pure genius, thank you for saving us from the toxins!

  • Bruce CampbellMarch 20, 2008
    Billy Great tutorial on gum bichromate. Nice detail on crafting digital negatives. I am hoping you will find he time to finish your book. I am sure it will be will be wonderful. Congradulations on getting your prints into the art show.

  • Trina BakerMarch 04, 2008
    I have searched the web looking for some insight into gum printing. I have done 2 with no results, but after reading your tutorial, I feel like I have a better grasp. I am off to try again. Thanks!

  • Jez HendersonFebruary 17, 2008
    Hi there Billy, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge and images, your gum work is inspiring! and the technical info is very well presented. Cheers, Jez.

  • Louis HaughJanuary 30, 2008
    Hey there, your website is just amazing! The colour gum prints that you've made are stunning. I've spent about two days studying your tutorials and I can't wait for the full colour tutorial!! I'm a full time photography student in Dublin, Ireland and I'd love to perfect these techniques to use in my own course work! Thanks so much! Louis :)

  • Sarah BauerJanuary 09, 2008
    Hello Billy - your website has made it onto my college website. I emailed you last year to say that your site was fantastic and how helpful it has been for my studies and in particular to the project I have in gum. My college is Oxford & Cherwell Valley College in Oxford UK and is www.ocvc.ac.uk Great photo's as always so keep up the good work, if I was in the US I would love to see your photo's in a gallery. Thanks Sarah Bauer UK

  • theoJanuary 02, 2008
    Hi, If you ever want to give the traditional gelatin formalin paper sizing routine a try, and are still having troubles locating a suplier: Try shops where they sell farm (animal) supplies; it is used in dilute 1.5% concentration to treat hoofs of goats, sheep and cattle. Here in the Netherlands the "welkoop" (a nation-wide chain of garden and hobby-farm-supply stores) has it either in 1 liter 24% bottles (my favorite - less to carry) or 25 liter 1.5% jerry cans. I must say I like the acryllic gesso idea; might give that a try myself. Cheers, Theo

  • AlinaDecember 04, 2007
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  • Sarah BauerNovember 02, 2007
    Hello Billy - I am studying photography at college in Oxford (UK). Part of my assignment is to present an illustrated essay on gum printing. Your explanation on the process involved is excellent and I hope that you will not mind if I use this in my assignment (with credit to you of course) Your photo's are quite inspiring. Regards Sarah fstopuk@aol.co.uk

  • Earl JohnsonOctober 03, 2007
    I am a pinhole photographer and aspiring gummist. I am just getting started in gum, and I appreciate your tutorial. There are some beautiful photos on this site. Check out f295.org sometime. I have a gallery there (earlj).

  • BrookeSeptember 26, 2007
    Beautiful photos! I am a 25 yr old photo student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and am having the hardest time getting my gum prints to turn out. [:(] My professor is not very familiar with the method and suggested that I might seek help from you and other gum artists. I admire your work greatly and would love to learn a bit from you if you have the spare time. Thanks in advance! headweim1@ahartweimaraners.com

  • Harold CohenSeptember 15, 2007
    Looking forward to your book! Excellent web site. Following your instructions, my print #6 looks good (1-5 look like your print #1). I am trying to purchase "Tree and Root" through the gallery.

  • Sean KAugust 19, 2007
    I genuinely appreciate the measures you took in making this site look the way it does. Also, after my birthday this Fall, I am going to make a few purchases, bud. As them white boys say, Bet That!

  • Zachary RussellJanuary 08, 2007
    I saw your post on photo.net about the image/music Aphex Twin stuff...I am a 22 year old student who has found this great thing known as photography (you can see it here http://quok1mb0.deviantart.com/gallery ) I would love to talk about other things regarding the music/photo stuff, amongst other things. I am also in Texas about 35 miles south in Waxahachie. Your gum prints(? I need to learn more) are awesome! You can email me at jenmoser4@hotmail.com if you would like... Thanks! Zachary Russell

  • Christian NzeNovember 01, 2006
    Hello Billy, You made great photograph. and have a great tutorial. Ia lso print gum and gum over platinum and I never bored with the image I get with these process. cnze(@)club-internet.fr

  • Terri [AAPG]October 16, 2006
    From what I can see, these look like some very nice gum prints. I won't make it to FW for this show, but hope to catch your work some time in the future.

  • Jennie WOctober 14, 2006
    Hey Billy, It is nice to see your photographs. They are great. It is nice to see someone in my family that has some talent.

  • ElisaSeptember 20, 2006

  • Michel BondSeptember 17, 2006
    Hey there, You work looks great. I have some film from an old camera that I bought and wonder if you might consider developing it for/with me. Also, I have a ton of black and white negs that I'd like to print. Do you have an enlarger? Look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at michel.bond@gmail.com. Kind Regards, michel

  • EsmeSeptember 15, 2006
    Hey. Im doing my artwork on photography and I was searching on photographers and I came upon you. Now you are a influence tome. Thankyou very much.

  • BillyJune 19, 2006
    Hey Everyone! Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you might have about the photographs or my site in general.