Moonlit Manlit Clouds

gum bichromate print 8x9 inches
Method: color separation
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Often at night there are small low clouds that drift past. I happen to live near DFW International Airport, and plenty of yellowish reddish light sprays up into the night sky from the terminal and runway lights. On this particular night, there was a full moon out, shining down on the tops of the clouds. I had to shoot of course! The light on the house in the bottom of the composition is from a street light, which is kind of greenish in color. These colors are basically accurate, though somewhat brighter then your eyes would perceive them had you actually been there. This print could use perhaps one more layer of black to deepen the shadowy areas and intensify the lighter tones, but with unsized paper, I might risk ruining the entire image by staining it. This is one of my favorites.