NYC Subway Station

gum bichromate print 11x7 inches
Method: color separation
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While in New York, I took the subway almost everywhere I went. After waiting a while, there was always an excitement when you hear the train coming down the track. At this particular station you could see the train on its way for some distance. I thought it funny how everyone there turned to look at the oncoming train in anticipation. This image also captured some of the hustle and movement you find down there in a subway station, the man on the left blurred by his movement, and the train on the right behind the bars whooshing past in the same direction as the man. This Gum print stained a bit after I printed a layer of charcoal grey. The paper was not sized with anything and the pigment left a hazy grey in all the whiter areas of the paper, especially noticeable on the left. But none the less the image still looks great.