Wheelbarrow Backyard

gum bichromate print 11x7 inches
Method: color separation
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There are some great colors in this image! An ordinary grey fence is reflecting and refracting all kinds of colors, yellows, blues, reds. There are textures of vegetation, clouds, brick, wood, dirt, and even glass. This image would be a painters dream. This is my backyard, near the side of the house. Long ago, a friend and I dug a huge 7 foot deep pit here out of childhood boredom, the wheelbarrow left behind. The dirt and clay piled up against the base of the fence to the left, and over time helped to rot it's base. Now the fence is leaning precociously into the neighbor's yard. There is wonderful light, sunlight reflecting off clouds behind us, and blue sky shining down from above, but not under the tree of course. This print is in reverse, and the colors translated extremely well in printing.